Saturday, February 27, 2010

To do or not to do..

This has been eating me up inside since the Carlton towers fire broke out last Tuesday. Life is so uncertain. Life is so fragile. Life is so tough. Sometimes you feel like you are walking on a proper bridge with fencing, suddenly the fence disappears, suddenly the bridge narrows, suddenly its a rope, suddenly life is a tight rope walk to a destination, a destination you yourself are not sure of.
Nothing is constant in this world but change.

Life is like moment of inertia. You're constantly trying to come back to a state of equilibrium, when all sorts of forces are trying to push you out of your state of equilibrium.

Life can't wait.. says Sunsilk. I agree. You don't postpone life. If you want to do something, do it, life's too volatile.

The enormity of the emotional trauma of the WTC tragedy comes flooding back now, when the Carlton towers fire itself led to 9 huge losses in 9 loving families.Thousands of people stared death in the face in those towers. None knew what was in store when they went to work that morning, least of all expect a plane to come crashing into their workplace. Lots of plans, lots of dreams were left unfulfilled. Lots of sentences incomplete, lots of words unsaid, lots of feelings untold. Lots of guilt, for no fault of anyone in those towers. One of those who perished in the Carlton has a 5 month pregnant wife. It sends shivers down my spine to even imagine what she must be going through.

Earthquakes. In Haiti. Now Chile. Lives,families, careers, dreams razed to the ground.

All said, its important to move on. Its difficult as hell, but its what is expected from us. God made some rules - like those of life, and death. Two gates everyone has to pass through. And we need to respect the path between the two gates. And walk with renewed hope and vigour when someone has passed through their second gate, not drag ourselves to our second gate, cos God has plans for us, and maybe they're good.

I pray for the families of all the deceased. I know how difficult the whole ordeal is.

There's a popular song whose lyrics are pretty intriguing.
Zindagi mein kabhi koi aaye na rabba,
Aaye toh phir kabhi jaaye na rabba,
Dene ho agar use baad me aasoon,
To pehle koi hasaaye na rabba.
Is this right? Do we seek to not feel happy today if we are sadness is on its way? Do we always anticipate sorrow, and spoil the happiness in front of us? Well, life is a sine curve. There are ups and downs. We need to accept it and go on.

In a nutshell.

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Amateur Expert said...

Life might be uncertain, but isnt that the beauty of it? Agreed that it brings with it sorrow at times, but then again it also has joy in abundance at times.