Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blissfully indifferent...

Time. We know its scarce. We know its precious. We know its unstoppable. Yet we waste it, plunder it, kill it.

Its frustrating to see whole days passing me by with nothing substantial accomplished. Its frustrating to realise, a tad too late, how much little clusters of 86,400 seconds could have made a difference to what I am today.

How important it is to use your time well is common knowledge. But looking at these people who have achieved so much- in sport, in the arts or in technology, it makes me think...what do I consider worth spending my time on??..Its admirable the way these guys put in all their energy and focus into swimming, tennis, basketball...it would be wonderful to excel in a sport. The mastery you gain over yourself in that training period is unmatched. Hmm..And that note leads inevitably to the HOBBY. An overrated definition. If you don't do something well enough, its your hobby. If you aren't focusing enough to make a mark in the field, its your hobby. If you don't want to live up to high expectations-you said it- its your hobby. Why build a five-letter wall around yourself and stop yourself from soaring??...Call it PASSION. And once you start calling it that, you'll make sure you respect the effort.

I can't stick to a topic, can I? Exactly what happens when I'm trying to study. I have all the theoretical knowledge, I just need to put it into practice!..And that sums up my state of mind at the moment...in a nutshell...:(


Harish said...
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Prathibha Dev said...

very well written...well expressed.