Tuesday, June 5, 2007


The word scares me, yet it lies in my comfort zone. Its blended into every nook and cranny of my life, albeit unknowingly. I wonder, where is the acheiver, the dreamer who wanted to make it big everyday?? She's right there, beneath the froth of mediocrity.

I speak for myself, though I know there are millions out there who breathe mediocrity, and would rather die than admit it. It's a well known fact that 'Admitting to a weakness is the battle half won.' Why then do people run away from the truth, I wonder. And when in the routine of mediocrity, leaps forth an achievement, it becomes difficult to digest. The commonplace thing that happens is we brush it off, yet again, under the mat of mediocrity.
Being mediocre is like being a doormat for an acheiver to step on. And it's high time we realised that.

In a nutshell, 'If something is worth doing, its worth doing well.' And the day that becomes a paradigm, life itself becomes an achievement.


nikhil said...

leave engineering...ur future lies in writing...!!!

syed said...

leave writing...our future lies in danger

pj said...


m flattered!:)

Didelphinus said...

strikes too close home! I'm with u on this... tho i wouldn't quite put that doormat remark.Didn't digest that bit.