Monday, June 4, 2007

Going with the flow...

Ever had one of those days...when everything goes just too fast and you don't know where you are heading..or your thoughts, for that matter. Sometimes things are just too complicated..maybe, too grasp...

It's like white water rafting
The current pulling you in a direction of its choice...
You don't have a say, you don't have a choice..
You move with the river
It swallows you at times, then spits you out...
You go with the flow, you don't have a voice.

Its now your job to maneuver
your way downstream...
Your focus completely on survival.
Fighting that tug there, that pull here
An oar to keep you standing in the midst of chaos.

A determination, a spirit to face challenges,
And a sense of belonging,
Go a very long way.

1 comment:

amateur expert said...

I'm gonna use one of your line to comment on this poem.

Never felt it more, as much as now. :-)